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In the golden olden days, Music City was famous for producing heart-breaking tunes in which dogs were taken away—usually by the singer’s runaway spouse. Thankfully, Nashville and the surrounding towns are now known for being hot spots for dogs and their owners! Many restaurants and breweries provide dog-friendly outdoor seating, outdoor concerts welcome our canine friends, and of course, we have some of the best dog parks in the entire country.

If you’re new to our region, or have newly adopted a dog, the following Ten Best Dog Parks in Middle Tennessee are ideal for offering pups a chance to run off that spring fever energy. No matter where you are located, there is a dog park near you that your companion will love!

Please note: Whether or not a park normally provides water and waste disposal bags, we strongly recommend that you bring your own backups of these essentials everywhere you and your dog go. It is far better to have them with you and never need them than to skip them once and find yourself (or worse, your dog) in trouble.

Shelby Dog Park
Shelby Ave & S. 20th St | Nashville
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Located near Shelby Park Greenway’s trailhead, Shelby Park Dog Park sprawls over an expansive two acres and is surrounded by lush, verdant woods. Due to the insulating effect of the forest, this park boasts a soft layer of grass over most of the off-leash dog areas.

Relax under the trees or sit on one of the park’s benches and enjoy watching your dog play! A double gate around the all-sizes play area ensures that even the most energetic dogs stay safely within their boundaries.

There is a doggy water fountain provided, along with waste disposal bags, and the parking is plentiful.

Miss Peggy's Bark Park
Tower Park | Brentwood

Peggy Sain Howell was a pillar of Brentwood’s community. She was known and beloved for her tireless efforts on behalf of and directly with our region’s children—and her love for dogs. When Brentwood lost Miss Peggy, aka their “Top Citizen,” to ALS, Brentwood decided that it was only right to open a dog park in memory of their star citizen and her beloved canine companions.

To visit Miss Peggy’s Bark Park, head to the SW corner of Tower Park. Here, large dogs can roam over one-and-one-half acres, while small dogs remain safe in their pint-sized half-acre play space.

Enjoy plentiful shade while you rest on one of the many available benches, keep your dog hydrated at the water stations, and let your furry friend sniff the hydrants that pepper the walkway. Adventurous dogs who are not afraid to get muddy will love splashing in the creek just a stone’s throw from the main parks.

Two Rivers Dog Park
3150 McGavock Pk | Nashville
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When our team was discussing our favorite dog parks, buzz around the office was that Two Rivers Dog Park was “the best dog park ever!” Whether your dog wants to climb rocky landscapes, nap in the shade, or run across the vast, seven-acre grassy field, Two Rivers is their dream come true.

Large shade trees provide shelter from the sun during late spring and throughout the summer, and multiple doggy fountains ensure your companion stays fully hydrated. If your dog is still learning how to play well with others, consider keeping him leashed and taking him on a brisk walk around the park’s short, surrounding path! He will enjoy the exercise and the opportunity to practice interacting with well-behaved dogs.

K-9 Korral Dog Park
239 Franklin Rd | Franklin
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The famous and exceptionally beautiful Park at Harlinsdale Farm is home to the huge, four-acre K-9 Korral, a wide-open space for your dog to run, roam, and explore. The play space is divided into secure areas intended for small, medium, and large dogs, ensuring that dogs will only play with similarly sized friends. Please note that due to changing weather conditions, not every corral will always be open.

While there is one doggy drinking fountain, the park’s popularity can make it tricky for all pets to have access to the fountain on weekends. As always, we recommend bringing along your own large water dispenser.

Downtown Dog Park
200 1st Ave S | Nashville
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Tucked along the Cumberland in Riverfront Park, this locally loved dog park features synthetic turf that keeps city dog clean despite their joyous runs around the 13k-square-foot lawn. Multiple water fountains ensure that there are plenty of hydration stations for people and pups alike.

Enjoy the inspiring view of Nashville’s picturesque skyline as you kick back in a hammock, run alongside your dog, or enjoy a picnic near the turfed play space. Keep in mind that there is no dedicated parking, so the park is mostly patronized by residents of nearby neighborhoods.

Murfreesboro Bark Park
1540 W College St | Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro Bark Park offers dogs multiple activities in its thoughtfully sectioned four spaces: an open play area for small dogs, another for large dogs, and agility arenas for each. Whether your dog needs to take his daily run or practice his training routine, this park is the ideal spot.

If your focus is on leash-training, the park’s location abutting the greenway means you’re only a few minutes' walk away from a lovely path along the river. Please note that leashes are not required on this path, so all dogs walked here should be prepared to interact with good canine citizenship skills.

Gulch Dog Park
1216 Pine St | Nashville
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In 2019, The Gulch got its first public, zero-fee dog park! Since then, dogs of all sizes have enjoyed playing in their designated zones alongside similarly sized furry friends. This park also displays gorgeous murals painted by artists who live nearby, giving dog owners the chance to enjoy a gallery-like experience while also enriching their dog’s daily life.

The one potential caveat is that this park is limited due to its central location. If your pup needs an uninterrupted run that would make a greyhound proud, consider visiting a larger park on our list.

Free parking is offered for one hour.

Hendersonville Dog Park
100 Maple Row Blvd | Hendersonville
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Hendersonville Dog Park’s huge play space is divided into three sections intended for small, medium, and large canines, ensuring that your dog will not have to contend with unintentionally intimidating friends. The lovely picnic area is ideal for friends and family to socialize while the dogs play, while the many adjoining trails offer long walks for dogs who need focused exercise.

While the park normally offers restrooms, some visitors report that there can be closures during the colder months.

Pitts Dog Park
299 Tusculum Rd | Antioch
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Located in Nashville’s Antioch neighborhood, Pitts Dog Park has been open for just nine years. Along with a two-acre secure play area, there are also an additional four acres of untamed woods where your dog can roam. For the most adventurous canines, very few parks can compete with the sheer scale of woodlands Pitts Dog Park contains!

Mount Juliet Bark Park
143 SE Springdale Dr | Mt. Juliet
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While the Mount Juliet dog park has always been a sweet little spot for our canine companions, a full renovation effort has elevated the whole experience for dogs and owners alike. A covered picnic area with a cookout spot makes for fun picnics for humans, while dogs now have secure spaces divided safely for large and small friends, each with its own water fountain.

Smaller dogs can play together across a cozy lawn, while large dogs are provided with more open space to run. Please note that during the coldest months, the water fountains may be shut off, so as always, do bring your own large water container.

The Takeaway

The weather in Nashville is already warm and beautiful, and we encourage all dog owners to take advantage of it by visiting one (or more!) of the dog parks near you.

Did your favorite dog park make the list? If not, we want to hear from you! Your favorite spot may be featured in an upcoming article. Stay safe, and enjoy your park experiences.

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